Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home for Christmas Again

Travis Cottrell's "Home for Christmas Again" from the Ring the Bells CD

From my first "Merry Christmas" of the season, with every card I address and send.
There's a longing that starts and its pulling my heart Home for Christmas again.

Give me the candlelight service and the carols. Read me the story of Bethlehem
and though snow is a plus I don't care if I'm just Home for Christmas again.

Let there be mistletoe and lights aglow the way I recall.
You'll leave cookies out for Santa Clause and I'll eat them all.

Then let's hold hands and we'll thank the Lord together for all of our family and all our friends and be thankful that He has allowed us to be Home for Christmas again.

I want the unmistakable scent of pine filling the air.
Give me Jimmy Stewart, Judy Garland, and Fred Astaire.

Christmas Eve if the miles should come between us then close your eyes and we'll just pretend and if wishes come true, next year I'll be with you, Home for Christmas Again

Home for Christmas Again.

I love Christmas. Giving of gifts. Time with family and friends. Special scents. Decorations. Family traditions. Cold weather. Holiday songs. Candlelight services. Happiness and hope of Christmas. Good food. Cinnamon and turkey (not together). Grandmother's wassail. Seeing family that we see maybe once a year. Secret Santa. Wrapping gifts and keeping secrets. Retelling the story from Luke of the greatest gift. Imagining young Mary great with child. So many things come to mind at Christmas.

This isn't our first Christmas not to be at home (even when we were in the states), but I always long for family and special times.

Lately I'm remembering last Christmas with the in laws on foreign soil.
A few years back with friends and an eggless casserole.
Christmas programs at school and at church.
A few more back with the whole family snowed in for a week and all the cousins together like they have never been before or since.
A Christmas to say goodbye and send loved ones around the world.
One many years ago where I broke an inch thick candy cane over my little brother's head.
The first Christmas's for my children or as a married couple.
When my Grandmother showed up with her car loaded down with presents and food.
So many more.

I wonder why I don't think of them other than at Christmas time. I am blessed to have TONS of great memories with family and friends. What about you? What are your favorites or some that just keep coming to mind?

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Sheila Hughes said...

Wish you could have seen the Cantata at Mt. O....G'Mudda is a real trooper. She sang her heart out, even though it hurt (after just having had surgery)!!!! G'Dad is such a blessing to the Mt. O choir....LOVE those guys...Mamaw was there...haven't seen her for a while and it was good to see her...she is such a sweetheart!!! Hope ya'll enjoy your box of goodies!!! Hold each other tight this Christmas and think of the family and friends here who have their arms out "holding on to ya".