Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some technical difficulties

It seems technical difficulties are a part of daily life and even more so in a foreign land. We bought a new computer before moving over here with and international warranty. But it seems, that means I have to come back from my foreign land to get it fixed even if it broke while in the foreign land. The bad news is...I'm not coming back any time soon. I cracked my monitor. :( But the good news is that it can plug into the TV monitor and still work. It's very inconvenient for working on the computer, but it's better than nothing.

Anyway, it is part of the delay of posting on the blog. The other things are just as annoying but less consequential.

Early in October the Prince had a break from school and came home for a week. We took him to Subway. We don't have Daylight Savings Time where we it's dark at 5:00...but you get the picture. :)

This is the newest place we have. We are really coming into our own in this city! The King and I have already been on a date here. They only have about 20 choices (which sounds funny to say because it's plenty) but as long as they have Caramel Frappuccino (sp?)(which they do!) then I'm happy.

I have to post this picture no matter how dark it is because the King dropped his coffee trying to take it! Thanks Sweetheart.

I will try to be back soon. Maybe my technical difficulties will let up and I can be regular again. I do have some things to say.


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