Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For your viewing pleasure...

This doesn't go with the others, but it made me laugh. It's an ashtray.

Can you say, "EEEWWWWW."?
You can be sure I didn't kiss him after he ate this stuff!
Again...."eeewwww." I know there are some of you who think this looks delicious and you are just plain weird. But I love you anyway.
Notice the antennae in the bottom right hand corner of the picture. Gross. Totally Gross.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

3 things immediately popped into my head when I saw this:

1) I might have thrown up a little in my mouth.

2) "It's different."

3) Lord, I'll put it down if you'll keep it down.

I would almost willingly eat that if it meant I got to be with you and see my friends. {More than likely, though, I would hide it under some rice ;)}