Friday, October 08, 2010

A few things I've been wanting to say...

1. SUBWAY was just as delicious the second time. :)

2. I am having a grand time with the Prince at home. He's a hugger and I've gotten so many. He's taller than me, but not quite as tall as his dad. I'd say 5'8 or 9". He plays the piano ALL the time and I'm going to try and get a video of it for you. We have him signed up for lessons at school and since he boards, he also gets access to a practice room. I asked him if he was like his father in that it's therapeutic to play sometimes. He says yes.

3. I haven't heard the Princess laugh so much in at least a month. He's so funny and keeps us in stitches...but get the King and Prince together and it's a regular Vaudeville show! It's been a good visit even if it is coming to a close. We'll see him again at Thanksgiving. Keep praying for him as he adjusts. Even though at school he is busy, he's been homesick. It's a big adjustment for us all, but we're doing well.

4. Back in the summer, The King and I went to a marriage conference and I promised some posts related to it and have not gotten around to it. One thing that was really wonderful was that the people hosting it brought all kinds of goodies from the states to us. Every day when we came in there was a gift in each of our seats. One day it was a Christian Comedian DVD and ranch dressing, another day it was a book on marriage and chocolate(!). I can't remember them all, but when date night came around they gave us a BOX of goodies to enhance a romantic evening.

This Michael O'Brien CD ("Something About Us") was included and I have fallen in love with it. I love smooth jazz music and although it isn't all jazzy, it's great. The words are wonderful and sweet...and even sensual. But more than that is the story behind it.Click here to read about a wonderful story of redemption from pornography and mental illness. The King and I have truly enjoyed this music.

And buy the CD for your Sweet One as a gift. Then sit and listen to it together.

Then as if that was not enough he made a sequel, if you will, that is loves songs to the Father ("Be Still My Soul").

Man, I love it. Nothing fancy, just open adoration in simple tunes: some new, some old. Both Cd's are played often on my MP3.

There's more to share about the conference but I can never seem to get to it all these days. I won't keep this post going, but when I do post, I'll refer to this one when I do.

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PandaMom said...

You know I'm going for the two CDs now!!!!! Um.....what was in your BOX?!!! ; )