Tuesday, July 13, 2010


"Whose kid is this?" you ask.


Without a doubt.

My mother has some crazy pictures of me, too.

Even if she doesn't have them anymore...I have memories of a huge tree in our front yard that I would climb with intent to sit on the highest branch I could...to read my book.

I've also seen a picture of me sitting in a barrel with barely any clothes...on reading a book.

She comes by it honestly.

Both of my kids are readers. I succeeded in at least one of my goals for them. :)

This one is just hanging out watching a Barbie movie. LOL. She's a hoot.


Mom said...

Never got one of you in the tree, or cartwheeling down the street. The picture of you in the toy barrel should be in your stuff. I'm pretty sure I gave it to you when I divided out all the pictures, awards, ribbons, certificates, etc. If you don't have it then I still do......somewhere! Nice to see her echoing her mom. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Love her (and you)!