Saturday, April 17, 2010

Things that make you go, "Hmmm."

Well, being an obviously FOREIGN family draws plenty of attention. Especially with blonde-haired and blue-eyed kids.

We've been asked to do all kinds of things. Lately (the last few months) we've been asked to take pictures and be in commercials. So far, we have not participated (for various legitimate reasons) in any of them, but the time has come where they will not take NO for an answer. So...on Wednesday we will participate in a photo shoot for some sort of documentary.

Do we understand all that we are doing? No.
Do we really want to do this? No.
Is it an inconvenience to our family? Yes.
Did we say,"No."? Yes. Multiple times.

But...there is no way to NOT do it without causing embarrassment issues for one or more persons involved. This culture is big on not causing someone undue harm (or embarrassment) unnecessarily.

The only thing I can say that we'll be getting out of it is copies of the pictures. for them. It should be interesting. :)

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The Allens said...

sounds "exciting". our family just participated in a commercial for our builders in our neighborhood. we've had so many people tell us they've seen us but we have yet to see it.