Friday, April 23, 2010

A sweet thing...

...about faith in Christ is that when we follow his example (and as His word says) by carrying each others burdens our path is less formidable.

Today we learned that our family eye doctor back home passed away in his sleep. He was 52 with a beautiful wife and two college age sons.

A few days ago, we learned that a dear couple to us (who is expecting their first child) is dealing with a diagnosis of terminal friend's mom. The doctors say she will only live to see her grandchild born by sheer determination, but we see it as the grace of God.

This kind of news is never what we want to hear, especially being so far from home, but the only thing we can do is really the best thing at this point...carry them to Jesus. He is everything they need. Although there are necessary arrangements to be made, we are not close enough to either family to be of real help. But, we can be of ultimate help. Do you understand my point?

During the times my family was (is) under trial and/or sadness...when we could barely think straight for grief, others carried us to Jesus and He lovingly held us. He soothes like nothing else can.

Can I ask you to lift up these families? The Doctor, as I knew him, was a man after God's own heart. He blessed my family on more than one occasion. He worked like no one I've ever known before. He will be greatly missed.

My friend's mom is a believer, but her father isn't. My friend is her 20's and about 4 months pregnant. Please lift up the entire family.

Galatians says to bear each other's burdens and by doing that we are fulfilling the law of Christ.
Bear with me.
You are loved.

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GloryandGrace said...

Interceding for your friends~

Much love and prayers toward you today as well - We think of you often, dear friend~