Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sea life from vacation...

Check out this jellyfish!

One day there were nearly 50 washed up on shore. Not quite this big, but still...we should have known not to swim in that water. But that was only one day and we didn't see anymore. That's my foot...

This sand dollar was one of the larger ones we saw, but there were some as small as my little toenail...

This was the common size of jellyfish...the size of a good sized cantelope.

These two hermit crabs were about the largest ones we saw this year. Last year there was an evening when we saw about 250!

We watched them for awhile and then the round one pulled the big one away with the tide. "Come on honey. Let's get away from here!"

This was the smallest hermit crab we saw. That's the Princess' finger pointing to it. This the one that caused tears because I wouldn't let her keep it.

On our last night this was the jellyfish we saw as we were heading back to the resort. HUGE. About the size of a wheel on a car. Crazy.

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PandaMom said...

These are so great!!! That jelly-fish is HUGE!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely can't wait to hear from you on my latest post. ; )