Friday, February 26, 2010


We can get some limited coverage of the Olympics...but, of course, we cannot understand much of what is being said.

My husband, however, can get internet on his phone and has turned into a junkie. After the alarm goes off and before his feet hit the floor, he's pulling up the latest. After the lights go out and before I fall asleep, he's pulling up the latest, and as often as he can during the day.

Yesterday while we were enjoying the nearly 80 degree weather while getting our exercise, he asked, "Would you like the latest Olympic update?" When I responded positively, he took on his best Bob Costas voice and said, "The Americans are facing...." and proceeded to give the update.

I laughed out loud.

He's a junkie...and I love it. :)

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PandaMom said...

I love that funny, dry-one-liner man of yours! ; )