Thursday, February 18, 2010

More vacation pics...

The token family picture. Taken at the restaurant pictured below. They had pretty good western food for really good prices and were just down the beach from the resort where we stayed. They also played cartoons. Our kids were glued to the TV. It was almost like being on a date because they methodically ate and watched TV and paid little attention to us.

This picture has us in it. You have to look closely. We're on the far left. The King and the Princess are more easily seen than I am. I'm wearing a blue baseball hat and looking down. This is on the front of their menu. Of course, we were celebrities...briefly. LOL.

See? Cartoons will do this to you! LOL.

Sweetness. The big brother taking care of the the lil'sis. We went ATVing as a family and switched out who rode and who drove and with whom. At one point I was riding behind the Prince and I looked over my shoulder to check on the other two. I had a nice view of my Love in a green shirt and khaki shorts with his straw hat and shades cruising down the road and just as I began to turn, almost as an afterthought, I noticed this tiny little hand on his stomach. Holding on, but not too tightly. Trusting her Daddy to take care of her. It was all I could see of her, but I knew she was having a ball.

On the last night of the homeschooling conference, with our kids participating in sleepovers, the King and I ventured out for a foot massage. We had discovered this impromptu market that had massages off to the side. The price was reasonable. So after getting the kids situated we ventured back out. It was getting late and the market was shutting down and packing up, but they took us on. We sat in the dark. With the sun down it was actually cool. I took refuge under a towel and read my Kindle until the outside lights went away. The King sat with his MP3 to his ear soaking in some easy listening worship music. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves until later the King realized he had been dessert or rather the main course to a whole slew of mosquitoes. I think the only reason I was spared was because I was covered. He has no less than 20 bites on his wrist and forearm. Incredible.

My man-child. He's no longer a little boy and not yet a man, but well on the way. I think he is more handsome every day. He was wearing his dad's hat and I thought he looked quite suave, so I asked to take his picture. He consented...knowing it would end up on the blog. :O)

Just to prove I was actually on this vacation...

Swensen's. Thank the Lord for them. We treated ourselves and enjoyed every bit of it.

The first time we ventured out into the ocean, I was walking backwards and leading the Princess out. Something stung me. My guess is a jellyfish. It got me good on the inside of my right thigh and then two more times on my left thigh, but not as intense. Do you know what they say to do for a jellyfish sting? It's kind of gross...and it didn't work for me. I was in quite a bit of pain from this relatively small sting. What finally worked was Aloe Vera and then eventually(once we were home) vinegar. We actually did some research on it once we got home and it seems that the jellyfish in this particular region are pretty scary. It seems I narrowly escaped a serious injury. Lesson learned. Truly.

A few of the highlights...more to come.

4 comments: said...

very fun blog!! ouch to the bites!

Anonymous said...

So good to see your beautiful face!!
You actually tried that first idea :O
I always heard that it works. haha
Love you-

Sebrina said...

Love the pictures. Your writing is beautiful. Maybe a book is in order.

PandaMom said...

AH-DORE the pic of your two on the bike!!!!!

LOVE you and Prince's pic.

And.....if that's the inside of your right thigh...that sting pic is just a bit too close to something I don't want to see on a blog....or ever. LOL!!!!!!!