Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to my darling daughter.

Today my little girl turned eight. EIGHT! Where did the time go? Not that long ago I was snuggling with this precious infant girl wondering at the wonder of her. Staring at her features wondering what she'd look like when she grew up...singing over her...praying over who she'll be...who'll she she'll live.

Today I'm beginning to have a little bit of an idea of what she'll look like. She looks like the daughters of my twin brothers at different times. When they are's highly possible that the three of them will look likes sisters.

Who she'll be...who she'll she'll THOSE are weighty. I've heard it said that children turn out like their it or not. It's weighty because to some degree...she'll be like me...and I'm not even who I want to be, yet. Scary.

But...the sweetest thing is that I AM NOT IN CONTROL of it. God is. He is molding and shaping her IN SPITE of me. :) But I do play a part...a big part.

We haven't hit the terrible TEENS, yet...maybe we'll bypass the biggest pits...but either way...she's still my daughter and I will always love her. She's my "heavenly joy."

Happy birthday, Princess.


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Princess! I hope you had a fabulous 8th birthday. :)


Colorado Dreamin' said...

Please tell your little princess that we wish her a very happy birthday!!!!! We love her and you guys very much and pray for you often!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Precious Girl! We love you so much!
The Hargis Family

GloryandGrace said...

Will I embarrass her if I say Happy Birthday Princess Poo?? :) I'll never forget that from the VERY FIRST DAY when YLOW and I went and visited you in the hospital. I really am amazed some days at how quickly time passes. Thinking of your family today, and hope you have a sweet celebration!

lil' sis said...

C*bug- I hope you had an awesome birthday! Did you get the e-card I sent you? Anyway, we love you and miss you so very much. You get more beautiful every time I see you, inside and out. Give everyone hugs and kisses from us, including the new addition to the family, Teddy!

GMudda said...

Hope you got our ecard on your birthday. We love you so much and pray for you every day and know that God has so very much in store for you. Love, GMudda & Pappaw

McDaniel said...

She was on my mind all morning Sunday even though I didn't know it was her. I knew it was someone special birthday but couldn't remember who's it was until I read the bulletin that a.m. Then it clicked! Hope it was a great day for her! We love and miss you all!

The McDaniel Family

PandaMom said...

AHHH! I 'm a few days late, but know that I thought of her! ; )