Saturday, December 19, 2009

Misc. pictures...

We had a little Christmas program and the Prince played while the Princess sang. A first and very special memory for the two of them. We bought the Santa hats to wear at the program and then we had a hard time getting them out of them. We really don't care if they wear them, but it's fun to tease them a little. The Prince said it keeps his ears warmer than he first thought! The Princess even sleeps in hers. His has jingle bells and hers has sequins. Imagine that.

I took the picture of my handsome husband just because I like him to wear red. Looks good on him. Then of course, the Prince wanted in and the King reverted back to being 14. Wait. Even the 14 year old is behaving...I guess that puts the King back a few more years! LOL.

Cuddling with Daddy is her favorite thing. His, too. Smile.

Sweet dreams, Angel Face.

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Kati Ann's Mom said...

Love these...we love you guys! Merry Christmas! Your Christmas card has not left my kitchen yet but it will maybe after the new year! Any requests for things that I could send with it?