Saturday, November 28, 2009


Do you think the Princess has watched The Princess Diaries too many times? This is not our cat, but she loved that HE would sit still and let them "dress" him. However, when he'd had enough...he got up and walked away. SHOCK. She loved it.

One ear down...getting tired of this...

Two ears down...Ummm, I'm outta here...and he was, but not before I snapped the picture. :)

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jennypen said...

He looks VERY pretty.

Olivia spent Thanksgiving week carrying my SIL's cat around.

Ever read the book Olivia?
"...In the morning she wakes up and moves the cat. Then she combs her ears, and brushes her teeth, and moves the cat."

It was pretty funny, and I may be gaining a bit of an appreciation for cats, even though I'm completely a dog person. ;-)