Monday, November 30, 2009

Since I Was in the Neighborhood...

Hello!! This is PandaMom posting on Funderstorm's blog because I have access to it for various reasons. Smile. I just thought I'd say a few nice words about Miss R. Those who know her know everything I'll say is true.

This pic above was a little book that she gave to me years ago. We did that kinda stuff, ya know. Little love gifts here and there. One time I even gave her a special book that I lovingly picked out "just for her" only to find that in the inside cover it said in someone else's handwriting: "To Coco, From Cristina" HAHAHA!!!! Yes, I got it at a second-hand bookstore, but we have since gotten many more laughs and memories out of that little love gift than if I had just given something in the normal way. (No--I had no idea that the writing from the previous owners was in the book. Too funny!!)

She is loved by many and she and I both have wonderful friends all over this globe, but over ten years ago we were introduced and connected in a way like no other friends we have.

Let's list a few of her traits:
-Stuns others with those gorgeous eyes, million dollar smile and darling little pixie nose
-SINGS like no one else I know (makes my heart smile thinking about it!)
-Speaks truth in a beautiful tone that brings peace when needed
-Sees people for who they are deep inside
-Searches for who she was created to be
-Strives for excellence in all she does
-Darn it all, I can't think of another "S" word to go along with all those others that just randomly popped up that way!
-Oh wait, yes I can!
-Seeks to do what is right in all situations
-Stands in the gap for many who have no strength to carry on
-Sleeps with one foot out of the covers---ALWAYS
-Shoves the enemy as far away as possible
-Sends her heartfelt love and gratitude to friends and family through cyberspace
-Spends quality time with her family
-Squats to potty while in the east (sorry!!! LOL!!!!! You know it's true!!!)
-Surrenders her will for His

Let's just say that I am honored to call her my BFF. I know many of you appreciate her, too. Add some of those thoughts to the comments if you will and BLESS HER SOCKS OFF!!!

To you Miss R: I love you so much.


Anonymous said...

Let’s see ... where to start about my dear “surrogate mom” ... she loves deeply, speaks the truth freely, serves wherever He leads, cracks me up, kept the nickname that her precious daughter gave me at age 3 going, asks probing questions and waits to hear the response, and simply radiates Him.

You have blessed me much, Mom.

Love you!


Funderstorm said...

Mercy, brought tears. Thank you for all those sweet words. I'm truly humbled and my socks ARE blessed off!

Anonymous said...

My Word! Where do I start?!?
When I think about you my eyes start leakin' and my heart gets all warm and fuzzy feelin' haha
Your love for the Lord has challenged me like no one before. You always know what to say. You will always be my poetic friend. And God did not just give me you but also gave us two little ones that adore each other just as much. You are so creechy croody and I love you for it! haha It doesn't suprise me, these words that I am reading about you. Because I don't know how anyone could meet you and feel any differant. I love you so very much my sweet friend. BIG hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hey Seleucus
The other thing I love about you is you like nick names and you eat pork skins! haha
My kinda girl!!
This is how I knew it was love at first site. hehe

Mom said...

I've always known you were all those things and more...God gave us such a gift of joy when he added you to the middle of all those boys. At your wedding I kept thinking that "he" didn't know the treasure he was acquiring. Thank God you got an equal blessing that day! I love you so much, and as always am soooo proud of you. My very own Bright And Shining Star!!

jennypen said...

Add great Sunday school teacher, wedding coordinater, premarital counselor, and lasting example of what a Christ-follower should be to that list.