Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wanna see somethin' cute?



Anonymous said...

That sweet thing is adorable!!
Brings back many memories of my sweet thing and her baby dolls. Hope the mom doesn't blink because that precious stage does not last long.
Love - flea

GMudda said...

Can't you just hear what she's saying to that baby? "Now, you be a good girl and I'll give you some puffs." She's a ray of sunshine in our lives as all of our grandchildren are.

lil' sis said...

I think she's pretty cute too,(even if I do say so myself.) She is such a blessing to us. Still not much hair though. She's the star of the "Bald and the Beautiful." Love ya'll.

Anonymous said...

That is not your SIL's baby! She was just born; how is she already sitting up like that? WOW!
She is too cute!