Saturday, September 12, 2009

My online scrapbook...

In the states, I had a huge board like this just inside the back door that a three month calendar on it. A friend (ZW) gave me grief for it, but it helped me keep my family organized. We kept all kinds of information on it like holidays, dr. appt.,etc. This one is not lovely, but it is necessary. We use it for national language lessons, memory verses, wish list items, etc.

The Princess has caught on. When she says she wants something, I send her to write it on the board. After all, when a friend says, "Hey! What can we send to you?" I hate to not have an answer. Because, let's face it, if they are willing to send a package half way around the world and they ask what I want/need...I should be honest, right? Glad you agree. Just so you know...I've already requested these items. I have no idea why she wants lip stickers, but she does. And the Binoculars(don't you love the spelling?)...that's a Bepaw thing. She trusts him to get the right ones...he knows his stuff. :)

Since I'm not scrapbooking over here, these are the things I want to remember when my kids have flown the coup, I mean grown and moved out. :)


Anonymous said...

lip stickers and jingle bells should be arriving soon:) The stickers were a little hard to find and B&B kept asking what C is going to do with lip stickers?? Love you!

PandaMom said...

OK...I have lots of catching up to do on here...been super busy! But come over and LOOK! You and I can chat about new stuff now!