Tuesday, September 08, 2009

DEALB time...

During school we have D.E.A.R. time...which translates into Drop Everything And Read. My daughter LOVES this because I randomly pick the time on Thursdays. It can be in the middle of Math(THAT makes her happy...she is NOT a math person) or Spelling or whatever. She wakes up on Thursday and says "DEAR day!' I love that she's a reader!

Well, when Dad has been gone for even one hour...she misses him. So...the other day...I went to check on her at her desk and she was missing. I called for her and I couldn't hear her answering. I opened the door to my room (you cannot hear what's going outside the room when the AC is on) and there she was cuddled up with her Daddy. When I reminded her she has school work, the two cohorts in crime began to giggle. They have declared it was DEALB time.

"Huh?" was my response.

Drop Everything And Love on Bop (Bop is her new nickname for the King based on the name the nationals call their fathers. It's cute and he LOVES it!) The two had decided to insert a new addition to the class schedule. Random times of DEALB. Not just this day, but EVERY day! OK. I can handle that. :)

For one DEALB time she wanted to make coffee for him. So...we taught her and she did great! Bop declared it the best cup of coffee he'd ever had!

I keep telling him to hold on tight to these moments because they won't last forever. He says, "you never know." I KNOW. This kid is NOT moving back in after college. ;)

By the way, thanks Flea, for the magnets on my fridge!


Kati Ann's Mom said...

I love that! So sweet! Little girls have a way with their daddy's.

Anonymous said...

She is totally blessed to have such a great Bop!!
Love the pics-

PandaMom said...


For some reason I'm feeling the need to run to Walmart's photo store and look at their magnet pictures. Hmmm.

Ashley said...

Love that!